The project LYSE

Let us fight flooding together

The LYSE operation is a project approved in 2016 by Europe in the framework of the Interreg V France-Wallonie-Vlaanderen Cross-border cooperation programme.

LYSE proposes integrated flood risk management through the implementation of cross-border actions (development of soft hydraulic facilities, development of retention basins, implementation of awareness-raising actions) making it possible to reduce flood risk in municipalities facing challenges and to integrate the consequences of climate change.

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What is the flood observatory?

In the context of the project and with the aim of compiling an observation database related to floods and flooding, we propose a unique experience involving the mapping and survey of all the observations or information linked to flood episodes.

You have observed a flood-related event?
Contribute to our project!
Flooding, whether it occurs when a watercourse overflows, through run-off or water rising from the sewage system is a disaster for the people who suffer as a result. Risk awareness, however, disappears very quickly after the event has occurred.

By taking part in the project, you make it possible to keep that memory of the flood risk alive and so cultivate the good reactions to be adopted at the time of such events (reaching a safe place, keeping informed, raising furniture, etc..

You also give management structures the opportunity to accumulate a substantial amount of information making it possible to better represent these phenomena and so develop solutions with the aim of reducing that risk!


The project territory
This project concerns the cross-border watersheds of the Lys and the Yser.
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Project agenda